MEHCS Registration Policy

Parents need to fill out a Registration form before enrolling your children in the program.
Please go to Registration for after school programs or Registration for Saturday programs .

Cancellation or payment deduction policy

A deduction might be made if you have a vacation plan in advance such as a trip to China.

If you have to drop a class due to your family moving out of town, you can request a prorated refund in writing.  Other than that, the tuition fees will not be refunded after the first three classes.

MEHCS will attempt to contact the emergency contacts (if such information is provided in your application form) if anything happens to your child(ren) during the school time.  But MEHCS is not legally responsible for any such incidence.

For questions regarding registration or the regulations, please contact school program organizer Hui Xu Cheng at 833 4868 or email to:

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